The latest and most effective language resources hand-picked by Beth Lurie, M.A., Director of Lurie Language! Updated monthly.



  • Barrons 501 Verbs: the  "Bible" of verb conjugations! An invaluable resource for middle school, high school, college and beyond. 501 Verbs is excellent,l as it sums up the 55 essential verbs in each language, provides a thorough grammar review, and also includes an excellent review CD. 
    • Italian music: Fabrizio di Andre, Francesco di Gregori, Claudio Baglioni, Jovanotti, Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti
      • Spanish music - Check out the music video of one of Europe's hottest stars, Álvaro Soler!  His song Sofia  reached the top of the charts in Spain this summer.​​
        • French music



  • Duolingo- I highly recommend this program (available as a website and an app) for beginners and advanced learners alike. Duolingo uses a fun incentive-based method, and even sends you daily reminders to keep up the good work. Duolingo helps you learn with full sentences, and I have yet to find a person who doesn't love it.
    • ​​FluentU- I recommend FluentU for quick review of your target language for all levels of proficiency. Even if you only have a few minutes, you can access videos that give you a fun, real-world view of a language and culture. FluentU features authentic commercials, film clips, and travel documentaries, available in multiple languages.
      • Wordreference- A true life saver. Wordreference is an excellent online language dictionary (also available as an app). It also provides words in context and conjugates verbs for you. Additionally, Wordreference gives you multiple definitions for each word, in order of relevance.