During the middle school years, we focus on building a solid foundation in all areas of French grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading. By focusing on developing solid study skills, we guide middle school students to success on the Benchmark and other exams. 

"Learning French with Beth was an unforgettable experience because she infused each lesson with her boundless enthusiasm and knowledge of all things French. She conveyed her joie de vivre and her great love of Francophone culture. This helped me excel on the French SATII, which led to my acceptance to Yale."

​Kate, Spence alumna and Yale student


   For over 30 successful years, Lurie Language has remained committed to helping hundreds of students excel in their rigorous French language classes and improve their scores on standardized tests. Our intensive focus on reading, writing, grammar as well as culture, literature and speaking skills set us apart from other methods. The Lurie Language Method™ ensures that each student will achieve success through a personalized attention; targeting key areas of foreign language acquisition and helping each student reach his or her foreign language goals.  Whether you are preparing for the Proficiency, FLACS, SATII , AP or French National Exam, you will progress at a remarkably fast rate and reap the lifelong benefits in both your educational career and personal life as you prepare to enter today’s global marketplace.

Most importantly, you will  learn to express your  own thoughts in French  using the exclusive Lurie Language Method™, which breaks the language down into its component parts, then reconstructs it. For those students who are preparing to study abroad, we help you with your French so you can arrive and communicate with confidence. We also help you understand the culture, geography, history, film and literature of France or other francophone countries you will be visiting. We take the stress and fear out of learning French, and replace it with joy and confidence! ​​

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French continues to be a language of growing importance in the United States and worldwide, both in business and diplomacy. French has always been  the principal donor of foreign words into English.  By studying French, you will enhance your English vocabulary skills and will be able to decode many unfamiliar English words. This becomes a huge confidence builder  when you take the S.A.T. Today, French is an essential language in our global economy and being able to speak French is an asset in the world of the arts, business, technology, hospitality, medicine and diplomacy.

     Elementary school children have an innate and powerful drive to learn a second language. Learning French should be exciting, rich in culture, and most of all it should be fun! It is every child's right to experience the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes with learning French at the earliest possible age. Children learn all the basic components of French grammar,  pronunciation and vocabulary  and begin to form simple sentences from the very first lesson.  Parents play a key role in nurturing their child’s linguistic development. Through periodic meetings, we discuss ways to supplement your child’s language learning process at home. Using authentic materials from France, Quebec and Francophone overseas  French territories, chilldren are exposed to both the language and rich culture of the Francophone world. 

     In "Boost your Brain: The New Art and Science Behind Brain Performance," Neurologist Majid Fotuhi, M.D. highlights the benefit of learning a second language to stay vibrant at any age. A multilingual lifestyle is exciting, and it can help strengthen and preserve your memory. Feel confident while traveling overseas communicating in French for business or personal enrichment. Lurie Language prepares you both linguistically and culturally for your trip to France and other francophone countries. This includes history, geography, film, cuisine, literature, art, and much more, allowing you to get the most out of your travels. 

     Educators now recognize that foreign language study should begin in the early formative years. Children of pre-school age are excellent mimics and enjoy learning a new sound system. Learning a second language with us is a joyful experience filled with crafts, songs, culture, stories and plenty of fun. In  private and small group coaching sessions, children learn the joy of expressing themselves in French  through doing, not memorizing: finger plays, songs, crafts, games, stories. cooking, authentic holiday celebrations and much more.  Using authentic materials from France, Quebec and Francophone overseas  French territories, chilldren are exposed to both the language and rich culture of the Francophone world. 
​​    As a parent, you play a key role in your child’s successful learning experience. We meet periodically with parents to discuss both your child’s  progress and present productive techniques to encourage language learning at home.

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