Over 60% of English words are derived from Romance languages. The four main Romance languages are French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, all of which are based on Latin. More than 800 million people, in 50 countries worldwide, speak a Romance language. 

Did you know?   

​ Learning a foreign language can help boost your brain power at any age! Renowned Harvard physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, in his book,"Healthy Aging", states that "learning another language may be a perfect challenge for people of any age. It keeps you  in a continuous state of mental workout.

     There is fascinating research showing a direct connection between bilingualism and improved brain function." In a recent Annuals of Neurology study, bilingual elderly adults whose native language was English scored higher in reading comprehension and intelligence tests than their monolingual peers. Research suggests that learning a new language might create neuron-to-neuron pathways in the brain.
   Working Mother Magazine informs us that "learning a second language gives children several advantages. In a landmark study of 10-year olds, bilingual children performed “significantly better on cognitive and verbal tests than those who could speak only one language. This edge seems lifelong."
    The New York Times adds that "Younger children are more accepting of other cultures and better able to master the intonation of foreign words. Some even contend that learning a foreign language can foster cognitive skills that lead to higher standardized test scores in other subjects."

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