​    Dear Students,

     During my Junior Year Abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, some French and American parents asked me to create a playgroup for their toddlers. Little did I know that this job was to be the start of a lifelong passion for teaching Romance languages.  I had always believed that learning a second language was a difficult and stressful endeavor, fraught with tension, tests and painful memorization of verb tenses and vocabulary lists. How could it seem  so effortless for my little students to communicate in two languages? 

     Fast forward to when my first child, Isabel, was a toddler. I was unable to find early language learning programs that captured the relaxed warmth of those bilingual playgroups in Paris. The language programs we tried, although well meaning, were stressful, competitive and therefore not conducive to language learning.  I decided to create my own program, Lurie Language, which combines the latest research in language learning techniques, with the relaxed approach I had found so effective  in Paris. Before long, parents asked me to create programs for their middle and high school students that encompassed the same philosophy.

     My formula: create programs that are demanding but that emphasize culture and the joy of languages, remove the stress and fear normally associated with language learning, and instill confidence that each student is able to achieve excellence. I make sure that each of my students has a solid foundation by breaking the language down into bite-sized units. Regents, SATII and AP exams become manageable tests that can be prepared for in advance without stress.  

Lurie Language  now includes adult learners of all ages, who, in addition to personal and cultural enrichment, enjoy the added benefit of improving and preserving their memory while tuning up their language skills. 

     I send you my best wishes for a lifetime of joyful language learning.

     Beth Lurie​​