• Homework/organizational skills help
  • Private consultations with parents to maximize scholastic performance
  • Prep for Benchmark/Proficiency Exam


​We provide all materials used in class. Upon enrollment, each student will receive a complete language kit backpack.


  • Tutoring and test prep for all exams including SAT II, AP, FLACS, and National Exams​
  • Homework and study skills help
  • ​Preparation for study abroad or gap year programs


  • Personalized instruction designed for your unique interest and goals, both personal and professional.
  • Brush-ups for personal travel, enrichment, or business.
  • Become proficient in a Romance language to ​share in and enrich your child's learning experience as well as family travel. 

Our expert tutors break down the language into manageable units, and guide you to build on what you already know from English. You will be amazed at how exciting the process of learning a second language can be. We offer complimentary consultations with Ms. Lurie for all new students. 


  • Homework/organizational help
  • Private consultations with parents to maximize scholastic performance 


  • Early language learning for students ages 4 and up. Comprehensive program that covers all the essentials of the language
  • Features crafts, stories, authentic board games, outdoor language activities and culture.
  • ​Private 30-minute lessons for infants and toddlers ages 6 months and up. Lullabies, finger plays, reading and story board activities.
  • Petit chefs series: children learn etiquette skills, how to cook authentic, nutritious  dishes, set the table and order at a restaurant in French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • ​Employee language lessons and custom workshops
  • Ms. Lurie is available for speaking engagements on various topics relating to Romance language and culture. Please contact office at 212 729-7500 to book.
  • Translation, interpretation, and film subtitling