Over the past 30 years, Beth has worked with CEO’s, authors, professors, attorneys,  international executives, students and hundreds of families. Here is what some of them have to say: 

Ms. Carol Goodman, New York Times best-selling author

 ​“Working with Beth Lurie gave me the confidence to plan a trip to Italy to research my next novel. The language​ skills I acquired with her enabled me not only to travel with ease but also to transcend the role of tourist and truly experience the “dolce vita” in Italy.  She’s been an ongoing and invaluable resource to my writing.”  In her dedication page to "The Sonnet Lover", Carol says: “Special thanks to Beth Lurie, Director of The Beth Lurie Language Institute, who gave me invaluable assistance in providing and correcting Italian phrases in the book. And for teaching me how to order a cup of coffee in Italy.” (Ballantine books 2007)


Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo Aitkenhead Assistant Professor at NYU Medical Center and Spence parent

​​"I am thrilled with the coaching that Beth gave to Kate, which resulted in a significant increase in her score on the French SATII, after only a few lessons. This led to her acceptance  to Yale. I plan on recommending her to the Spence community as an outstanding private language tutor.

Dr.  Joseph Sungolowsky, Professor of French, Queens College, City University of New York
“Beth Lurie holds a Master of Arts degree in French from Queens College, City University of New York. She has excelled in all aspects throughout her career as a graduate student in the program. Having received extensive training in Italian as an undergraduate student, she has served as an interpreter in Italy and as a translator of Italian children’s books. She has also worked as a consultant for literary and language works in Italian. For many years, Beth has taught Italian and French to children using novel pedagogical methods and skills. She is also fluent in Spanish. With such an impressive background, she can be a valued asset to any project involving the Romance languages.

Barry Schneider,
Senior Director of Electrical Engineering, Telephonics Corporation

"After having studied Italian with Beth, I was able to get off the beaten path and enter conversations with locals, in small towns in Liguria such as Lavagna and Chiaveri, who often did not speak English. This greatly enhanced my trip and enabled me to discover the charm of the people

that you would find away from the tourist areas. It was great to be able to speak to waiters and order meals in Italian. So much more fun than pointing!"

Elaine Lotruglio, Manhasset parent

“Ms. Lurie is  a gifted teacher of Italian to myself and my two sons. I have continued to recommend her to friends for many years."

Carol Hayden, Hayden Legal Search

“Beth has definitely given Anna a love for language which will last a lifetime. This is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give to your child.”


Sonia Hall, Great Neck parent 

“Signora  Lurie is fabulous! She incorporates music, puppetry, cooking and exercise into her Italian lessons. Our children love going to her classes because every week she has different and fun activities for them.”

Family Ties Forever,  Great Neck, New York

 “Beth did an outstanding job translating a documentary film of a Belgian Holocaust Survivor's family history.  She was sensitive to the subject matter, and her knowledge of history and specifically Jewish history, helped make the translation accurate. She is a pleasure to work with."

Jean-Paul Rigaudeau CEO Unilabs, Europe’s leading supplier of diagnostic services
 “Beth taught me much more than her language, she made me fall in love with English. She also made me love her culture and New York, her city. Beth is an excellent language coach. Her secret? Her love of languages, her passion and her energy for teaching, her ability to make her students love these languages as much as she does, and, above all, the personal interest that she brings to each of her students.”

Ken Pearl, PhD. Associate Professor of European History, Queensborough Community College, author of Cracking the AP European History Exam, Princeton Review

 “Beth Lurie’s instructional methods are based on the most recent research into the ways that students learn a foreign language. She also understands that individuals are not best served through a cookie cutter approach and therefore carefully directs her methods towards the individual pupil and their needs and interests. Effective teaching also requires certain intangible qualities and it is here that Beth truly stands out with her wonderful enthusiasm and obvious passion for the Romance languages.


Ms. Alison Freudman, student at The University of Pennsylvania

 "Working with Beth while at Great Neck North and studying both Italian and Spanish with her for fun, while taking French at school, has led me to place out of first year Italian at Penn.I truly achieved great results with Beth and recommend her for both test prep and just for travel ."

Great Neck Business Record
"Beth Lurie uses the latest language teaching materials and is an expert in preparing students for the French, Italian and Spanish Regents exam as well as the SAT II’s.”

Ms. Chinyere Okoronkwo, Esq.

 "I have known Beth for over four decades in both a professional and personal capacity. As a language coach Beth has nurtured in her students a knowledge,and indeed a love of French, Italian and Spanish . Beth has collaborated with lawyers, such as myself, on legal translations. She has the rare ability to articulate in one language the nuances in meaning in another language."

Mr. Tim Carden, CFO, HRO International 
“We had a great experience with Ms. Lurie in preparation for our move to Paris. She is patient and motivating and helped to build our confidence and our excitement for learning French. She was wonderful in preparing our two boys for the move. She taught them to speak French in a fun way, through games mostly, and they looked forward to their lessons. Now that we have moved to Paris, we feel that Ms. Lurie contributed to our successful transfer. She helped us see that learning a new language is a fun challenge, not a chore.” 


Nicole Berney. State Department Intern and World Expo Milano 2015 Junior Ambassador

"Beth has been an invaluable resource about all things Italian in preparation for my job at the Milan World Expo 2015. She gears each lesson to the type of situations I will encounter while working as a Junior Ambassador. Although I am now in grad school in DC, I continue to study with Beth through Skype, and I plan to continue brushing up with her while in Italy. "

Ms. Stella Lodovichetti- Director of Public Relations, Council of Rimini, Italy

“Using Beth as my language coach during her stay in Rimini was an invaluable experience in improving my written and conversational abilities in English. Beth taught me not only to get my ideas over the net, but also to express myself with ease in any situation, especially in my capacity as the director of the Tourist office in Rimini.  I consider her English lessons a must for all Italians.” 

Shannon Penny, Associate Editor Scholastic Press Trade Paperbacks  

“I had the pleasure of working with Beth Lurie on a rush translation. We were looking to add a Writing Guide to our popular line of Geronimo Stilton books, a series that we have acquired from an Italian publisher. Beth graciously and speedily took on the task of translating this difficult educational manuscript from Italian to English. She also did additional research to determine exactly what words and terms would be appropriate for teaching writing skills to American children. Beth took the Geronimo characters and series in style making the process much easier for everyone involved!”


Carol Hayden, Hayden Legal Search

“Beth has definitely given Anna a love for language which will last a lifetime. This is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give to your child.

Lisa Herman, parent

 “Beth Lurie not only improved my son’s Spanish grade dramatically from a D to a B but also his comprehension of the language. If you are lucky enough for her to have a space for you in her schedule, grab it. “

Rachel Mollon, Great Neck parent

“One of the best things I’ve done for my child.  A wonderful, fun and nurturing environment. What a find.”

Mrs. Gail Ruggiero, parent

“My son, a high school senior, has achieved excellent results in Spanish with Beth. We were thrilled that she helped him achieve a B+ on his midterm. I highly recommend her services


Great Neck News

“Ms. Lurie is a specialist in the teaching of French, Italian and Spanish. She makes learning fun for kids in a caring, supportive environment.”


The Manhasset Press

“Ms. Lurie has found a way to make language learning a pleasure. Her love for Romance languages is infectious.”


Great Neck Business Record

 “Beth uses the latest language teaching materials and is an expert in preparing students for the French, Italian and Spanish Regents exam as well as the SAT II’s.

Peggy O’hanlon: Director of ESL and The Port Washington Public Library World Festival
 “Beth was instrumental in making the 2012 World Festival a huge success. She went above and beyond to make the French section a delightful mixture of culture, great French treats and stories! I'm looking forward to having  her represent France again this year!”


Mrs. Sandra Armienti, Manhasset parent
“Beth was so effective in helping my son improve his grades in Italian class and, most importantly helping him gain confidence communicating in Italian, that I convinced a friend to embark on Italian lessons with me with Beth as our coach. We learned a lot, had a great time and were able to speak well enough to rent a house in Sicily and spend the summer perfecting our Italian!”


Terry Mady-Grove,Esq.

“My son absolutely loves Madame Lurie and her class. He looks forward to going every week. Her classes are magnifique and her joie de vivre infectious."


 Gail Kirshner, Great Neck parent 

"My daughter says that Beth is the only French teacher that she's learned rapidly with. Her confidence and grades, have improved." 

​​Isabel Berney, Manhattan parent

"Beth has been working with my 2 children teaching them French, Spanish and Italian since infancy. She teaches with love and caring.Beth provides the doorway to my kids becoming global citizens!"