At Lurie Language  we are committed to excellence in language instruction for students of all ages and levels. As trained language professionals and teachers, we know all the roadblocks that can inhibit effective language learning, and we show you how to overcome them. 

     We believe in languages taught correctly, with the burden of  learning on the teacher, not the student! Through a comprehensive and customized program, we use your knowledge of English as a starting point, which removes all of the stress traditionally associated with language learning.

     English heavily borrows words from Romance languages, and the Lurie Language Method points out these similarities and makes it easy for you to see how much you already know. We carefully break down your new language into its basic structural components and then gradually reconstruct it. This emphasizes natural communication, and you learn to form simple sentences from the very first lesson.

     We bypass useless vocabulary lists, endless drills and rote memorization and instead immerse ourselves in the language and the culture right from the start. You can relax and begin to express yourself in simple sentences, then rapidly progress to more complex ones. You learn to say what you want to say with a rapidity that will amaze you. 

​     You never feel that you can't keep up, because the Lurie Language Method does not allow you to advance to the next level until you are completely comfortable and have mastered all the previous material.  You are not memorizing, but understanding how the language works which makes all the difference. Perfected over decades of teaching hundreds of students, we make it easy to learn a new language. In a very short time you will be speaking with confidence!